stefan weisman
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4th Place   8 minutes
    for percussion quartet

Ad Lib   10 minutes
    for organ solo

Big Red
  10 minutes
    for clarinet solo

The Bird Happened  11 minutes
    for orchestra

The Book of Rejected Addresses  25 minutes
     in three movements
    for viola and piano

Calabi Yau Songs  11 minutes
    incidental music for a play by Susanna Speier
    arrangement for voice, violin and piano
    01. Some Fifteen Billion Years Ago
    02. Awake/Asleep
    03. M Theory Spider
    04. Intensely Tangled

Close  4 minutes
     for guitar solo

Crash   9 minutes
     for string trio

Darkling  75 minutes
    opera for four voices (SATB) and string quartet
    CD released by Albany Records

David and Jonathan   20 minutes
    for men's chorus and orchestra

Everywhere Feathers  7 Minutes
    for voice and cello, or voice and electric guitar

Fade  25 minutes
    opera for three voices (SAB) and chamber orchestra or piano

Fade (BBC Radio 3 "In Tune" programme)
    radio interview, includes two arias arranged for voice and piano

flea circus  12 minutes
    for orchestra

The Fishtank Sonata  15 minutes
    for snaredrum and tape

From Frankenstein 
30 minutes
    for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
    01. (Adam from "Paradise Lost")
    02. (Mary Shelley)
    03. (Dr. Frankenstein)
    04. (Dr. Frankenstein continued)
    05. (The Creature)
    06. (Mary Shelley)

"Galesburg, Illinois (Where Are the Trees?)"  6 minutes
    for soprano, flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, contrabass
    or for soprano and piano

Ha!  14 minutes
    in three movements
    for mezzo-soprano and string quartet

I Would Prefer Not To  6 minutes
    for soprano, violin, cello, synthesizer, electric guitar, vibraphone

Hammer Time  8 minutes
    for piano solo

Light, light, light, light, light
  5 minutes
    for SATB chorus

Meetings  20 minutes
    in four movements
    for mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, and piano

Nervous People 
25 minutes
    for trumpet and string quartet

  20 minutes
    for male and/or female voice and piano
    01. Vanishing Point
    02. Urban Trees
    03. Twinkie
    04. I Would Prefer Not To
    05. Beauty Tips (for Girls)
    06. Law of the Jungle 1

Ode to Fiberoptic Cables and Light  4 minutes
Linda Ganjian, video; Susanna Speier, words;
     Hai-Ting Chinn, mezzo- soprano

Restless Legs  14 minutes
     for the Bang on a Can All-Stars (bass clarinet, guitar, vibraphone, piano, cello and bass)

Rules and Regulations  7 minutes
     for treble chorus

Skin Nails Hair  14 minutes
    for flute and percussion

Stick Shift Confessions
  30 minutes
    for marimba

SuperSoft  11 minutes
    for cello and percussion

TOE (Theory of Everything)  15 minutes
    for soprano saxophone and vibraphone

The Twins  15 minutes
    for two flutes and organ

    dance music for violin and piano
Song (after Schumann) for mezzo-soprano and piano, poetry by Edwin Denby


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