stefan weisman
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orchestra with voices      
music theater and dance      
solo and chamber ensemble

solo voice with ensemble
vocal solo with piano


American Atheist (work in progress)  Chamber opera
       - Development by the American Opera Projects

Darkling (75 minutes)  Chamber opera for four voices and string quartet
       - Commissioned by the American Opera Projects
       - From the book by Anna Rabinowitz.  Adapted by Michael Comlish.
       - Selected to be part of the Guggenheim Museum’s "Works & Process" series
       - The opera includes an optional song for baritone and piano: "The Darkling Thrush," by Lee Hoiby.

Fade (25 minutes) A one-act opera for three voices and chamber orchestra
       - Commissioned by London's Second Movement
       - Libretto by David Cote

Meetings (20 minutes) For soprano, baritone, and bass with piano
       - Written for the American Opera Projects' "Composer and the Voice"
       - Text by Robert Honeywell

The Scarlet Ibis (100 minutes) Chamber opera
       - Libretto by David Cote
       - Premiered in the
PROTOTYPE Opera Festival
       - Co-produced by Beth Morrison Projects and HERE, in association with the American Opera Projects
       - Additional productions by Chicago Opera Theater and Boston Opera Collaborative


...and sometimes they come back  (13 minutes)  For orchestra
       - Commissioned and premiered by the Woodstock Chamber Orchestra
                conducted by Luis Garcia-Renart

The Bird Happened (11 minutes) For orchestra
       - Selected for the American Composers Orchestra's 2005 Underwood New Music Readings
       - Read by the New Jersey Symphony Orchstra

Crabapple (10 minutes)  For orchestra

flea circus (12 minutes)  For orchestra
       - Premiered by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic conducted by Leon Botstein

Thistle (10 minutes)  For two violins, two cellos and string orchestra


David and Jonathan (20 minutes)  For men’s choir and orchestra.
       - Commissioned and premiered by the Empire City Men's Chorus with the Cosmopolitan        
            Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Babcock

Rope (10 minutes)  For soprano and chamber orchestra


Bleed: Redrum, Liquid Blues and The Green Machine  (12 minutes)  Video art
      - Collaboration with Jillian Mcdonald

Calabi Yau (aka What the Fuck is String Theory?)  Incidental music for theater
       - Collaboration with Susanna Speier

Coney’s Mind  Music for dance
      - Collaboration with the Kristi Spessard Dance Company

Greenland Y2K  Incidental music for theater
      - Collaboration with Susanna Speier

Two/Her Music for dance, for voice, violin and piano
      - For the New Chamber Ballet and ad hoc Ballet, choreography by Deborah Lohse


New Piece (in progress) For flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion
      - For eighth blackbird

4th Place (9 minutes) For percussion quartet
      - Written for the Iktus Percussion Quartet

Ad Lib (10 minutes) For solo organ
       - Premiered by David Messineo

Big Red (20 minutes)  For clarinet solo
       - Premiered by Meighan Stoops

The Book of Rejected Addresses (25 minutes)  For viola and piano

Close (4 minutes) For guitar solo
      - Written for James Moore

Crash (9 minutes) For string trio
       - Commissioned by the Oregon Bach Festival in honor of George Crumb's 75th birthday
       - Premiered by the Third Angle New Music Ensemble

The Fishtank Sonata  (15 minutes)  For tape and snare drum

Fuse Action
(7 minutes) For flute and clarinet
      - Written for the Lost Dog New Music Ensemble

Hammer Time (8 minutes) For solo piano
       - Premiered by Lisa Moore

Nervous People  (25 minutes) For trumpet and string quartet
       - Premiered at a Bang on a Can Marathon Concert by the Miró Quartet
                with Tom Hoyt, trumpet

Piano Trio (14 minutes) For violin, cello and piano
       - Premiered by Da Capo Chamber Players

Restless Legs (14 minutes) For clarinet, piano, electric guitar, cello, percussion, contrabass
       - Commissioned by the Bang on a Can People's Commissioning Fund for the Bang on a Can All-Stars

Skin Nails Hair (14 minutes) For flute and percussion
      - Written for the Lost Dog New Music Ensemble

SuperSoft (10 minutes) For cello and percussion
      - Written for Odd Appetite
      - Winner of the soundON Festival of Modern Music's 2009 International Call for Scores

Stick-Shift Confessions  (25 minutes) For marimba solo
       - Commissioned by Minimum Security Composers Collective
       - Premiered by Paul Fadoul

TOE (Theory of Everything) (15 minutes) For soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and vibraphone
       - Premiered by Yesaroun’ Duo

Trumpet (12 minutes) for string quartet

The Twins  (15 minutes)  For two flutes and organ
       - Premiered by Laura Ronai and Tom Moore with David Messineo

What the Water Gave Me  (5 minutes) For carillon
       - Published in
Albany Carillon Book


Darkling Suite (17 minutes)  For mezzo-soprano, chorus and string quartet
       - Text by Anna Rabinowitz 

The Emerald Table (6 minutes) For a cappella chorus

       - Commissioned by Zachary Gates and the East Brunswick Educational Foundation
       - Text by Hermes Trismegistus, translated by Isaac Newton  
The Emerald Table 104
(5 minutes)  For four amplified voices (humming) and electric guitar

Light, light, light, light, light  (6 minutes) For a cappella chorus (SATB)
       - Commissioned and premiered by the Battell Chapel Choir conducted by Stephen Black
       - Text by Timothy Dudley-Smith
      - First-prize winner in Roger Wagner Center’s Choral Composition Competition

Rules and Regulations (7 minutes) For women's choir (SSAA)
      - Commissioned by Jessica Corbin for the Bella Voce Singers
      - Text by Lewis Carroll


Everywhere Feathers (8 minutes) For voice, cello, and pre-recorded audio.
       - Text by Anna Rabinowitz.
       - Written for Jody Redhage, voice/cello

Everywhere Feathers (8 minutes) For soprano and electric guitar
      - Arranged for Ursula's End (David and Holly Nadal)

From Frankenstein (25 minutes) For mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
       - Premiered by the New Millennium Ensemble with Hai-Ting Chinn, mezzo-soprano
       - First Prize winner in the Chicago Ensemble's "Discover America" competition

Galesburg, Illinois (Where Are the Trees?) (6 minutes) For soprano, flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, contrabass
       - Arranged for the NOW Ensemble
       - Text by Dorothea Tanning

Ha! (14 minutes)  For mezzo-soprano and string quartet

I Would Prefer Not To (6 minutes) For soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, synthesizer, electric guitar, vibraphone
       - Arranged for Newspeak     
       - Originally commissioned by Sequitur

Two Shakespeare Songs  (6 minutes)
       - Premiered by Dan Sonenberg and Matt Schikele


Galesburg, Illinois (Where Are the Trees?) (6 minutes) for soprano and piano
       - Written for Dorothea Tanning Tribute
       - Text by Dorothea Tanning

Non-Fiction 1 (15 minutes) Three songs for low voice and piano
       "Vanshing Point" (Text by Sean Mills)
       "Urban Trees" (Text by Jon Stokes, UK Tree Council; adapted by the composer)
       "Twinkie" (Text by Hostess)
       - Written for the American Opera Projects' "Composer and the Voice"
Non-Fiction 2 (15 minutes) Three songs for high voice and piano
       "I Would Prefer Not To" (Public Domain) - Commissioned by Sequitur
       "Beauty Tips (for Girls)" (Text by Lorene Radenz; adapted by the composer)
       "Law of the Jungle 1" (Based on a 01/09/02 story in The Daily Mirror; adapted by the composer)
       - Written for the American Opera Projects' "Composer and the Voice"

Ode to Fiberoptic Cables and Light (4 minutes) for voice and synthesizer
    - Collaboration with Linda Ganjian, video artist; Susanna Speier, writer

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